Casri Water Detectors

As mentioned in J.I.G and approved for use by IATA (JIG 11, 2012)

This is very similar in appearance to the Shell Water Detector and uses a syringe and capsule. A 5ml sample is sucked through the detector head into the syringe. An initial indication occurs at about 10ppm when the capsule turns from a pale yellow to a pale green colour. The colour deepens to a dark green-blue, indicating a water content of 30ppm.

Stock number: 00T-QCE-0037

Shell Water Detectors

The purpose of the Shell Water Detector Capsules is to indicate the presence of dispersed free water in jet fuels at time and temperature testing, at concentrations lower than normally detectable by visual examination, by colour change of centre portion of water sensitive paper in capsule.

Stock number: 00T-QCE-0003


Nylon syringe with Viton seals re-useable.

Stock number: 00T-QCE-0004


The problem of water contamination in petroleum is widely prevalent during its manufacture, transport or storage. Intentionally or unintentionally, water may find its way into the petroleum reservoir and the direct height of the petroleum surface then is not the true measure of the amount of the product in the reservoir. The AQUADIS Water Finding Paste serves well the purpose of a water sensitive colour indicator on the dipping gadget to measure or detect the presence of water in the petroleum.

Stock number: 00T-QCE-0010


Microdetector for Jet fuels, certified by International Testing Laboratories, and is IATA approved product. 100 capsules in the bottle, 12 month shelf life.


  1. Draw 100ml of fuel into clean dry sampling jar.
  2. Check for no discolouration of capsule.
  3. Empty contents of one capsule into fuel sample.
  4. Close jar with stopper and shake sample for 5 seconds.
  5. Stand sample for 1 minute.


  1. White, light grey or dusty grey precipitate: = Sample dry (no water present)
  2. Pink precipitate: = Moisture at level of 15 ppm.
  3. Ignore colour changes after 2 minutes.

Stock number: 00T-QCE-0008