General Information:
The Global Refuelling products manual rewind Lanyard Reel is used for stowing Lanyard Cable. Lanyard Cable is commonly used as a secondary emergency method for closing the Hydrant Pit Valve. The Lanyard Reel has been manufactured from Stainless Steel making it robust and weather resistant. The hub is fabricated to the side plates, this ensures there is no loss of resistance caused by nuts and bolts coming lose. The bronze bush can be easily accessed by removing the grub screw on the bearing housing, making maintenance and repairs trouble free.

The Lanyard Reel has been assessed and approved for use in ATEX Zone 1 environment and is suited to depot or vehicle use. The Lanyard Reel can be supplied with up to 25 meters of Lanyard Cable.

lanyard reel
lanyard reel
Different Style Lanyard Clips can be supplied:

  • Snap Link with screw cap, BON-LANY-0002
  • Snap link with Self lock, BON-LANY-0003
  • Snap Link with swivel, BON-LANY-0004
lanyard clip standard


lanyard clip screw cap


lanyard clip safe lock


lanyard clip swivel


The Lanyard Cable is supplied with two Aluminium Lanyard Ferrules, one Grade 316 Stainless Steel Lanyard Thimble and one Grade 316 Stainless Steel Lanyard Clip.

lanyard cable

Lanyard Reel Part Numbers and Options:

Global Refuelling Products Lanyard Reel
Part Number Description
BOND-REE-0002 Manual rewind Lanyard Reel 25m capacity
BOND-REE-0004 Cable guide for Lanyard Reel (optional) 
Cable and Fittings
Part Number Description
BON-CABLE-STEEL Steel Lanyard Cable with red PVC cover
BON-LANY-0005 Lanyard Ferrule Ali
BON-LANY-0006 Lanyard Thimble St. Stl.
Lanyard Clips
Part Number Description
BON-LANY-0001 Lanyard Clip with Eye, snap link style, 316 St. Stl. (standard)
BON-LANY-0002 Lanyard Clip with Eye, snap link with screw cap, 316 St. Stl.
BON-LANY-0003 Lanyard Clip with Eye, snap link with self lock, 316 St. Stl.
BON-LANY-0004 Lanyard Clip with Eye, snap link with swivel, 316 St. Stl.


lanyard thimble


lanyard thimble


lanyard reel
lanyard reel

Brackets can be made to suit customer requirements.

EX Mark

Ex II 2 GD T4
European Directive 94/9/EC