The Global Refuelling Products manual rewind Earth Bonding Reel is used when transferring hazardous liquids and gases between systems, to prevent any static charge that can be caused by a static build up in the transfer hose. The Bonding Reel has been manufactured from Stainless Steel making it robust and weather resistant. The hub is fabricated to the side plates, this ensures there is no loss of resistance caused by nuts and bolts coming lose. The bronze bush can be easily accessed by removing the grub screw on the bearing housing, making maintenance and repairs trouble free. Earth Bonding Reel has low resistance of 0.5 ohms.

The Earth Bonding Reel has been assessed and approved for use in ATEX Zone 1 environment and is suited to depot or vehicle use. There is an option of a 40 meter capacity reel or a 15 meter capacity reel.

The Earth Bonding Reel can be supplied with optional cable guide.

Earth Bonding Reel with optional cable guide

The Earth Bonding Reel can be supplied with different types of copper cable:

Bonding Reel copper cable

The Earth Bonding Reel can be supplied with different Bonding Clips.

Earth Bonding Clips

Global Refuelling Products 40M Reel
Part Number Description
BOND-REE-0001 40 meter bonding reel
BOND-REE-0005 Cable guide for 40M reel (optional)
Global Refuelling Products 15M Reel
BOND-REE-0002 15 meter bonding reel
BOND-REE-0004 Cable guide for 15M reel (optional)
Cable options
BON-CABLE-CLEAR Copper earth bonding cable clear
BON-CABLE-HIVIZ Copper earth bonding cable Hi-Viz
Cable Clamp options
BOND-REE-0003 Bonding breakaway clip
BON-CLIP-LARGE Large bonding clip
BON-CLIP-SMALL Small bonding clip
BON-CLIP-SUPER Super bonding clip
BON-CLIP-EPIN Super bonding clip C/W E-pin

If you do not see the option of cable or clamp you require or need further information please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.