Mustang 75 Complete Road Tanker Discharge System

MUSTANG 75 will pump almost any liquid be it low or high viscosity with maximum volumetric efficiency. Chemical capability presents very little problem as the modular design allows maximum flexibility in combining pumping elements.

Capacity: 1100L/Min (242 IGPM) at 700 RPM
400 L/MIN (88 IGPM) AT 250 RPM
Pressure: Maximum differential pressure 10 BAR (150 PSI)
Temperature: -30°C to + 250°C
Viscosity: 1 Centistokes to 100,000 Centistokes
Construction: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Ni-Resist, Cast Steel, Nickel Alloy, Aluminium Bronze, Monel, Hastalloy, Hygenic Construction , etc.
Model: Basic, Standard, Super.

Mustang 75 is a self priming positive displacement pump of a rotary sliding vane design. Each revolution will discharge a fixed volume.

As the rotor turns, the fluid is moved from the suction port to the discharge by the vanes which slide.

  1. Hydraulic pressure behind the vanes
  2. Locating rings
  3. Centrifugal force

Integral relief valve – Hygenic design (on Standard and Super Models), MUSTANG 75 Maintains High Efficiency, the pump maintains high volumetric efficiency throughout service. Internal pump slip is reduced to a minimum for the vanes wear, they simply move out of the slots, maintaining the same fine clearance against the body. Therefore suction capability and discharge capacity is unimpaired even after arduous services.

Typical Viscosities
Water: 1.0 CS
Milk: 1.13 CS
Glucose*: 880 – 22.000 CS
Phenol: 11.7 CS
Sulphuric Acid: 14.6 CS
SAE 40 Oil*: 15 – 210 CS
Fuel Oils*: 2 – 660 CS
Kerosene: 3 CS
Corn Oil: 8 – 29 CS
Sugar 62 Brix*: 216 at 70°F
Corn Starch 24 Baume*: 130 at 70°F
*Viscosities Dependant on Temperature


  • 1 Poise = 100 Centipoise (CP) (Dynamic)
  • 1 Stoke = 100 Centipoise (CS) (Kinematic)
  • Poise = Stoke x Products Specific Gravity
  • SSU = Poise x 455 (Approx)
  • SSU = Centistokes x 4.635 (for value over 70 CSI)

  1. P.T.O. Power Take Off units to fit most vehicles. Air or cable shift operations. Close coupled or flanged prop shaft and companion flange to suit P.T.O. Pump and Compressor.
  2. Hydraulic Module Comprises Oil resevoir, Cooler, Main systems relief valve, valves and filler. The complete unit weighs 25 kg and has capacity for any pumping, compressor or blower application.
  3. Hydraulic Pump Close coupled (for P.T.O.) or flanged with discharge / Pressure capacities to suit all applications. Types availible Geared, Piston or Vane.
  4. Selector Valve This valve is fitted for vehicles fitted out with compressor and pump discharge system. The valve is supplied with a relief valve as an optional extra.
  5. By-Pass Valve The valve acts as a speed control valve When starting the system the valve is left open and by closing the valve pump or compressor speed is gradually increased, when shut full system speed is acquired. Note: This valve is not to be used as a speed regular over prolonged periods or there will be an excessive heat build up with in the hydraulic system.
  6. Oil Filter To protect the hydraulic system from ingress or dirt an oil filter is provided.
  7. Compression or Blower Supplied to meet the required specifications.
  8. Pipes and Connections All necessary pipes and quick release connectors supplied.
  9. Reverse Flow Valve Fitted to hydraulically driven pumps to enable reversing the flow of the pump.
  10. Cargo Valve Butterfly, Ball and Foot Valves in stainless steel, bronze and iron.
  11. Hydraulic Motors For driving, pump, compressor or blowers.
  12. Mustang 75 Cargo Pump with integral relief valve in stainless steel ,bronze and cast iron. (Specials made as requested).